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Asian CD Scans LJ Community

Beta Version (still in progress)

An Asian CD Scans Community.
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CD Scans from Asian Artists
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This Community is dedicated to CD scans for the Asian music community. I like having the CD cover next to the song playing on my iPod, but can't seem to find all of them, some of the songs I have are more than 10 years old. I know others probably have the same problem, so I decided to create a community so people can share their covers (or scans of booklets) with other fans.

You must join in order to see anything though, just to be safe.

Here are some rules to follow (yes, sorry, but they ARE needed)

~Please keep scans of covers 250x250 or larger.
~Keep all photos behind a cut.
~When posting, please post in the subject which genre the scans are from (J-Pop, C-Pop ect. Example would be '[J-Pop] Arashi CD Covers')
~Feel free to request, but put a tag on it if available.
~Tag all posts with the appropriate tags if available. If they aren't, please let a mod know before posting.
~Email the mods (right now me) with all questions and tag requests at kasey.sanada@gmail.com

If anyone is willing and able to help (helping make the community and info page look nicer) please let me know in a email!